Friday Freestyle Dressage

Friday Freestyle Dressage

Head Steward: Lucy Evans


The Freestyle Dressage will be held on Friday afternoon in the main arena at the completion of the Eventing Dressage.

Please note preliminary riders are not eligible for Friday Freestyle.

There will be two divisions:
DIVISION ONE, rider must be entered in Novice dressage on Monday Test - Novice freestyle effective 1/1/21

DIVISION TWO, rider must be entered in Elementary or Medium dressage on Monday Test - 2019 EA Elementary freestyle effective 1/2/19


  1. The event will be scored, points awarded and sashes awarded to 5th place in each division.
  2. This event is only open to riders competing in Medium, Elementary and Novice Dressage on Monday
  3. There will be a division for Medium/Elementary riders and divisions for Novice riders subject to entries.