Teams Barrel Race

Team Barrel Race

Head Steward: James Forbes

MONDAY 5 JUNE - after completion of showjumping in the main arena


  1. Each team consists of three riders, preferably from the same school.
  2. All competitors must complete a left-hand course.
  3. Riders must enter the starting area as marked at the walk and stand before starting.
  4. On finishing the course, riders must continue in a straight line. Riders are not permitted to turn their horse to stop.
  5. Nomination forms in duplicate will be available at the Secretary’s Office on Sunday for the Team Manager to collect.
  6. Riders to take BOTH copies of their entry to the event – one is for the announcer and the other for the scorer.
  7. Each rider will be timed. The combined times are then added for a result.
  8. Placings to 10th place.
  9. Points to 5th place