Team Six Bar Showjumping

Team Six-Bar Showjumping

Head Steward: Rebecca Moxham


The Team Six-Bar shield and rugs will be awarded to the highest placed school team in the competition (all riders being from the same school).

If the winning team is a composite team they will receive sashes however the shield and rugs will be awarded to the highest placed team with all riders from the same school. 

Riders must wear back numbers. We encourage teams to wear school colours (polo or rugby shirts acceptable). There will be a staggered start. A draw will be available to download on Saturday evening. This is a fun, fill-in event and it is not in the point score.

This event is only open to riders who have competed in the Two Star, One Star, EvA95, EvA80 One Day Event or Combined Training Classes 4 or 5 on Saturday. Riders do not necessarily have to compete on their eventing/combined training horse. Entries will be taken at the Secretary’s Office until 5.00 pm on Saturday afternoon.


  1. Horses must be graded 80cm or above for showjumping
  2. Maximum of 4 riders per team and a minimum of 3. The best 3 scores in each height are counted towards overall total.
  3. Starting height is 80 cm with 4 lifts
  4. Riders must be from the same school except where schools do not have 3 riders eligible to compete in which case combination teams can be formed
  5. Teams jump in alphabetical order by school name
  6. Combined teams ride at the end of the field
  7. One rail down or disobedience means finish the line but then out
  8. One point per jump until first knock down or disobedience
  9. Winning team determined by total of points over five (5) rounds