Team Penning

Team Penning

Head Steward: Sue McGoldrick

Entry by Team Manager on teams nomination form before closing date.



  1. Riders who nominate for Team Penning cannot compete in individual hacking events but may compete in the School Team of Four event.
  2. All entries must be sent with school entry form on prescribed form.
  3. Entries will be taken on a first in basis.
  4. Teams can be made up of riders of any age.
  5. Schools must fill their teams with riders from the one school
  6. Riders will be placed in composite teams at the organizer’s discretion – see entry form
  7. The selection of a team is up to the discretion of each school. Preference should be given to the students with the most experience in handling cattle. (see list of levels of experience on the school entry form)
  8. The competition will be divided into 2 divisions at the discretion of the Head Steward. Teams will be placed to 10th and rugs will be awarded to the winning teams in each division.
  9. All riders must present at 7.45am at the cattle yards for a safety briefing.
  10. Teams and Times will be posted on the Expo website on Monday evening.
  11. Each Team must present to the marshalling Steward in the Marshalling Yard 10 minutes before their allocated time. 
  12. Each team will be given 2 runs of 2 minutes
  13. Attire: formal school equestrian uniform, shirt tie etc as appropriate for the hacking day.