Monday Dressage

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Monday Dressage

Head Steward: Lucy Evans


This dressage competition is a separate event from the One Day Event and Combined Training and riders should read the rules carefully.


  1. The Dressage competition will be held at the Coonabarabran Racecourse grounds and is ONLY open to those competitors not competing in the Showjumping or Warrumbungle’s Way on Monday. Riders can compete in Sporting but must fit it in around their allocated Dressage time.
  2. Horse/Rider combinations who have won Champion or Reserve Champion Preliminary at any previous Expo are not eligible to compete in Preliminary classes. This applies only to previous winners in Preliminary events.
  3. Maximum of two dressage tests per horse/rider.
  4. There will be 2 classes in each dressage level of Preliminary, Novice and Elementary: PRELIMINARY Dressage tests - 2019 EA Prelim 1B and 2019 EA Prelim 1C NOVICE Dressage tests - 2019 EA Novice 2B and 2019 EA Novice 2C ELEMENTARY Dressage tests - 2019 EA Elementary 3B and 2019 EA Elementary 3C The 2019 Dressage Tests can be found on the Equestrian Australia website:
  5. Champion and Reserve Champion will be determined in each level based on the placing in each test. Eg 1st = 5 points, 2nd = 4 points With the tie breaker being the more difficult test
  6. In the event of equal points the winner will be the highest placed in the more difficult test. 
  7. SADDLERY FOR DRESSAGE TESTS: In addition to the General Rules, the following rules apply:
    a. A noseband must be worn (cavesson, dropped , crossed (Grackle or Mexican) or flash (or Hanoverian)).
    b. The bit must be a snaffle.
    c. Whip is permitted provided that it measures not less than 90cm & not more than 1.20m (including the tassel).
    d. Spurs – the top of shank must not point upwards
    e. Rowels may be worn provided that they are blunt/smooth & free to rotate
    f. Rings, martingales, any kind of gadget, any kind of boot or bandage, tongue depressor or any form of blinker are strictly forbidden under penalty of elimination.
  8. The same horse and rider must compete in all tests nominated.
  9. EA dressage tests current at the date of competition will be used. These may be downloaded from the Equestrain Australia website. 
  10. A timed draw will be available to download on Saturday afternoon. Please note it is NOT a move up draw. 
  11. Queries can be made by completing an “Event Competitor Query Form” available from the Secretary’s Office. 
  12. Presentation will be on Tuesday at a time TBA. 
  13. Riders are to present to the marshal 15 minutes before their allotted time. 
  14. Callers are not permitted. 
  15. Riders can compete in both Showjumping and Dressage – it does not have to be on the same horse, but no more than 2 horses – refer Rule 3 of the General Rules. Only one horse per discipline. Riders competing in both Dressage and Showjumping must manage their time to attend their event - no events will be held up for late competitors.