Tips to Assist Placing Your Entry


If your school name is not on the entry form drop down list it means your Team Manager has not yet registered.   Your school name must included on the list before you can nominate.


Your age is as of Friday 31 May 2024.  Make sure you enter your correct date of birth and age.  Expo is NOT like other school events that say your age as of 1 January of the year.  As age champions and other events are by age group it is important that you are entered in the correct age group.

Horse details:

We require the horse’s name for Eventing/Combined Training, Showjumping and Dressage.  All eventing entries 95cm and above will be checked by Eventing NSW for eligibility.  Make sure you use the same horse name that is used for EVNSW competition.

Team Entry: 

You are asked on your entry if you intend to enter Polocrosse or Team Penning.  This is just to get an idea of numbers and if you change your mind either way it is not important.  Your team manager will enter teams in May after entries close.  If there are only 1 or 2 students from a school Expo will put you in composite teams or you can make your own.

Team Six Bar and Team Barrel entries are taken during Expo and there is no need to pre-enter.


If you are entered in Eventing/Combined Training/Dressage please advise the office if you are a scratching.

If you enter the Working Horse Challenge and you fail to turn up for the qualifier you will be marked as a no-show.  

If you enter Showjumping and Warrumbungles Way and fail to turn up you will be scratched.  

Everyone is entered in Sporting and if you don’t show up no drama.

Expo Monday:

On Monday riders can only compete in Showjumping OR Dressage OR Warrumbungle Way.  Every rider can compete in Sporting.

Expo Tuesday:

On Tuesday you  can only enter in one discipline Ring Events OR Expo Gymkhana & Team Hunt OR Team Penning regardless of the number of horses you have.

You don’t need to nominate for Ring Events or Expo Gymkhana & Team Hunt.  You do need to pre-enter a team entry  for Team Penning.  

All riders can compete in the School's Team of Four event in the hacking ring and not necessarily on the horse they have ridden during the morning.  So for example a Team Penning rider could have a different horse for the Team of Four.

Tests, Patterns and Pentathlon Mystery Event:

The dressage tests for Combined Training 1A and 1B will be posted on the website.  The Working Horse Challenge patterns will be posted there as well as the mystery event for the Pentathlon.


Please read the refund policy in the program before completing your entry.